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Carroll & Ramsey Associates' Products and Services

Introduction--Company Profile

Carroll & Ramsey Associates (CRA) provides service and technical support to the community of accelerator builders and users, including leading cyclotron manufacturers, U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratories, University Research and Clinical PET / Nuclear Medicine Imaging Centers, and Commercial Isotope producers.

The principals--Fred Ramsey and Lewis Carroll--are veteran contributors to the accelerator and PET fields. (See List of Publications.) Our experience spans more than 30 years, first as members of the technical staff of The Cyclotron Corporation (TCC), then as founding members of CTI Cyclotron Systems, and now as partners in an independent small company.

Lewis Carroll has worked in the accelerator field since 1969. He also led the development of innovative Positron Emission Tomography Systems, including the first commercially-produced multi-slice BGO Neuro-Tomograph.

Professional craft skills and specialties include:

Fred Ramsey has worked in the accelerator field since 1962. Professional craft skills and specialties include:

Accelerator System Service and Technical Support

Carroll and Ramsey played a major role in the design, development, manufacture, installation, and servicing of most of the biomedical and radiopharmaceutical isotope-producing cyclotrons currently in use world-wide.

We have supervised the overhaul and reconditioning of cyclotron systems (CS-15, CS-22, CS-30, CP-42, 45, etc.) built by The Cyclotron Corporation (TCC), some of which have been in service since 1966. We continue to provide technical support, on- site maintenance, and repair services for these customers, either through service contract or on an as-needed basis.

We also provide technical support and on-site maintenance and repair services to the community of CTI / RDS-112 and -111 users, as well as GE / Scanditronix and IBA sites.