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About Lewis Carroll
I have worked in the Nuclear Medicine / PET imaging and cyclotron fields since 1969, having led the development of early, innovative Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Systems, including the first commercial multi-slice PET scanner, the Model 4200, which was based on a prototype developed by Prof. Gordon Brownell and colleagues at Harvard / Massachusetts General Hospital circa 1975 (see below — I'm the one standing) followed by the model 4600 — the first multi- ring Neuro-Tomograph, at The Cyclotron Corporation (TCC) in Berkeley, California.
I also co-led with the team that developed the first fully automated, self-shielded cyclotrons at CTI Cyclotron Systems, Knoxville, TN (Now merged with Siemens Healthcare).
In 1993, my business partner, Fred Ramsey, and I formed Carroll & Ramsey Associates — a 2-person consulting firm specializing in service and technical support for the community of cyclotron builders and users. Other services included special R&D and engineering projects, computer-aided analysis for radiation safety and shielding for cyclotron installations, and production and sales of proprietary radiation detector products.
Mr. Ramsey retired in 2019. He had done most of the heavy lifting regarding cyclotron support and maintenance, so we will no longer be able to provide such services, except for answering questions of a general or theoretical nature (see 'bibliography and selected articles').
But I continue — as a sole proprietor — to provide the same unique products and services since we began the business in 1993, maintaining the 'Carroll & Ramsey' brand identity on our specialized laboratory instruments for detection of radiation, widely used for quality assurance in PET labs and nuclear pharmacies in Government, University Research, 'Big Pharma' and major Hospital Facilities world-wide.
Support — including warranty and post-warranty support — for products purchased from Carroll & Ramsey Associates will continue un-interrupted at Carroll & Ramsey Instruments.
I invite you to review our detector brochures and manuals. We are also interested in hearing from you regarding special needs and custom detector solutions. For your interest and reference, a Bibliography and Selected Articles are presented here — to highlight our long and varied experience and achievements in the field.
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Yours very truly,
Lewis Carroll